All female records are filed (and alphabetically organized in each section) with their maiden names in parentheses. 


Bible Records:
Giddens: Bible Records: Giddens (page 1)
Giddens: Bible Records: Giddens (page 2)
Giddens: Bible Records: Giddens (page 3)

Matzinger, Felix (Page 1) 1791-1858
Matzinger, Felix (Page 2) 1791-1858
Matzinger, Felix (Page 3) 1791-1858

Giddens, Samuel F. Biography From Goodspeed Book Pulaski County Mo.
Hobson, Charles William

Census Records (by surname/maiden, then year):

Frizzell’s – living with Callison family (1860 Madison County, Missouri)
Johnson (Frizzell), Clarissa (1860 Madison County, Missouri)
Johnson (Frizzell), Clarissa (1880 Kentucky)
Frizzell, Jason and Odeel and children (1850 Madison County, Missouri)

Frizzell, Jason and Odeel – and children (1860 Madison County, Missouri)
Frizzell, John T and George W (1850 Madison County, Missouri)
Frizzell Sr., Needham (1840 Madison County, Missouri)

Frizzell, Salathiel and Judy and Mary and John and Nancy and Needham (1860 Madison County, Missouri)
Frizzell, Thomas (1830 Madison County, Missouri)

Wiggins (Haywood), Zelma (1940 Carroll County, Missouri)
Haywood, Edmund R (1844 – 1881) (Missouri)
Haywood, David and Edmund (1850 Tennessee)
Haywood, David and Edmund (1860 Arkansas)

Frizzell-Brady (Parker), Mary Ann and John and Emily and Henry – children of Thomas Frizzell (passed) (1860 Madison County, Missouri)

Nichols, Isaac

St. Clair/Sinclair, William (1860 Madison County, Missouri)
St. Clair/Sinclair, William (1870 Madison County, Missouri)

Court Records:
Frizzell, Jason
Frizzell, Salathiel

Death Certificates:
Nickles (Baker), Nancy
Frizzell (Biggs), Mary
Giddens (Brown), Elizabeth Jane

Burnia, Alline
Burnia, Charles Richard
Burnia, Lawrence E
Burnia, James Henry

Burnia, John
Burnia, John Alex

Burnia, John Sylvester

Burnia, John Walter “Flynn”
Burnia, Joseph Franklin

Burnia, Mamie
Burnia, Samuel
Burnia, Unknown (Fred & Melba’s baby boy)

Haywood (Campbell), Elizabeth
Giddens (Clark), Mary Caroline

Doyle, George Washington
Doyle, James

Nickles(Euke), Lena Laura

Fox, Elizabeth
Fox, Mary Elizabeth
Fox Sr., William Taylor
Frizzell, Andrew
Frizzell, Bill
Frizzell, Byron Lynn
Frizzell, Charles

Frizzell, Claymore Jackson
Frizzell, Clyde Sherman
Frizzell, Edmund
Frizzell (), Ellen
Frizzell, Elen Faye
Frizzell, Esther Mierva
Frizzell, Henry F
Frizzell, Laura
Frizzell, William Robert
Frizzell, Zeak

Giddens, John Baptiste

Frizzell (Harryman), Agnes
Haywood, Delbert Hadley
Haywood, Edmond Richardson
Haywood, William Freeman
Skiles (Hobson) Mary

Johns, Thomas

Nickles (Plank), Mahala

Frizzell, Ferlisty Jane (LaPlant)
Luster, Joseph
Luster, William Bartley

Sabin (Miles), Mary Alice
Burnia (Sales), Clara Anna

Luster (Motsinger), Catherine
Motsinger, Felix
Wofford (Motsinger), Matilda Ellen

Nichols, John Thomas (Jonathan Riley Nickles son)

Nichols, Orville (Thomas Wiley Nickles son)
Nichols, Unknown (Thomas Wiley Nickles daughter)

Nickles, Alfred

Woodward (Nickles), Elizabeth Jane
Nickles, Elsa Velma
Nickles, George W
Nickles, Jasper
Nickles, Linda Sue
Nickles, Mahala
Nickles, Samuel
Nickles, Thomas Wiley
Nickles, William I
Nickles, Velma

Sabin, David A
Shipley, Hugh McCracken
Skiles, Ephraim

Wildman Sr., Walter Brewer
Nickles (Woodward), Louisa

Burnia/Burnier, John Walter (Mine La Lotte Madison County, MO)
Burnia, Claude Edward

Fox, David (1738-1823)
Haywood (Fox), Elizabeth
Frizzell, Henry F
Sutton (Frizzell) Margaret (Maggie Mae)

Giddens, Archibald
Giddens, Samuel B and Sarah Manda (Buckner)
Turner (Giddens), Sarah Aziline and John Turner
Carmickle (Giddens), Susan Almeda
Giddens, William Green and Mary Louisa (Lewis)

Haywood, James Lafayette

Johns, William E and Anna ()

Tillman (Luster), Ava I

Nickles, Infant Daughter of Thomas Wiley Nickles
Nickles, John Robert Lee
Casey (Nickles), Mary Elizabeth
Nickles, Willie Eldon and Sarah (Skiles)

Burnia/Burnier (Renfro), Kid/Keziah (John Walter Burnias Wife at Mine La Lotte, Madison County, Missouri

Skiles, John A
Stites (Skiles), Mary and Luther M
Johns (Skiles), Rachel A
Luster (Skiles), Vica Cynthia
Haywood (Stevens), Sarah Frances (close-up)
Haywood (Stevens), Sarah Frances

Frizzell, Jason (10 Oct 1856 Madison County, Missouri)
Frizzell, Jason (1 Dec 1858 Madison County, Missouri)

Frizzell, Jason (1 Jan 1859 Madison County, Missouri)

Frizzell, John (1 Aug 1860 Madison County, Missouri)
Frizzell, Needham (10 Oct 1856 Madison County, Missouri)
Frizzell, Salathiel (30 Oct 1857 Madison County, Missouri)
Giddens, Roger
Haywood, Partin

Madison County, Missouri
Skiles, Hezekiah (10 Oct 1856 Dent County, MO)
Skiles, Hezekiah (18 Dec 1857 Dent County, MO)
Skiles, Hezekiah (1 Jan 1859 Dent County, MO)

Marriage Records (by groom):
Louis Bernier and Ruth Renfro
John “Alex” Burnia to Rachel D Sutton
William Taylor Fox and Alice Sabin

Henry Frizzell and Sarah Bradshaw
Thomas Frizzell and Mary Ann Parker (daughter of Everett Parker) 25 April 1839
James Haywood and Elizabeth Fox

Alexander LaChance and Phermonia Paralee Watson
Clarence Luster and Lilly Gertrude Keith
Charles Nickles to Lillian Juanita McMahan
William A Sinclair Wiley Johnson (Madison County, MO)

Military Sources:
Doyle, Edward Lee (son of Anglis and Margaret Doyle of Rockport Illinois Born 11 May 1893 Enlisted 25 June 1918 Overseas 13 Sep 1918)
Frizzell, Henry F (Wounded & Missing Battle of Vicksburg May 22 1863 Official records of the Union and Confederate Army’s)
Frizzell, Robert
Frizzell, Salathiel

Frizzell, Salathiel (Pension filed by Judy Frizzell 6 Aug 1869)
Haywood, Edmund R (Civil War Draft Registration)
Haywood, Edmund (1890 Veteran Schedule)
Haywood, Edmund R (Civil War Pension File)
Haywood Military List (Roster of North Carolina Soldiers)
Johns, Charles W (Pension for Military)
Motsinger, Felix (Civil War Registration)

Motsinger, Levi
Nickles in the Military
Sabin, Alonzo (1890 Veteran Schedule)

Sabin, David A
Sabin, David A

Shipley, Arthur
Shipley, Arthur L (Promotion – Source Alton Evening Telegraph 3 Aug 1944)
Shipley, Arthur L (Promotion – Source Alton Evening Telegraph 3 Aug 1944 – Full page article)

Newspaper Articles:
Deguire: Deguire dit LaRose, Andre
Frizzell, Henry F (Hunt for Heroes Ancestors close-up article)
Frizzell, Henry F (Hunt for Heroes Ancestors full article 19 Jul 1959 Kansas City Star)

Nichols (Miller) Susie
Burnia (Sales), Clara (close-up article page 18 Feb 1957 Moberly, MO)
Burnia (Sales), Clara (Full page 18 Feb 1957 Moberly, MO)

Shipley (Doyle) Alice and Woodson (Shipley) Bessie (26 Oct 1934 Alton Evening Telegraph)
Shipley (Doyle) Alice, and Woodson (Shipley), Bessie (Reader 27 Feb 1943 Alton Evening Telegraph)
Shipley, Arthur L – Promotion (Alton Evening Telegraph 3 Aug 1944 close-up)
Shipley, Arthur L – Promotion (Alton Evening Telegraph 3 Aug 1944 – Full page article)
Shipley, Hugh, Arthur Shipley, Gerald Shipley (12 Aug 1949 Alton Evening Telegraph)
Woodson, Bessie (Shipley) (25 Jul 1927 Alton Evening Telegraph)

Woodson, Bessie (Shipley) (Fire in Alton January 5, 1931 Alton Evening Telegraph)
Woodson, Bessie (Shipley) – married James O Reader (8 Jun 1935 Alton Evening Telegraph 11 Jun 1935)
Woodson, Claude – son of a Bessie Woodson (1 Nov 1929 Alton Evening Telegraph)
Woodson, Claude and Eugene Woodson; Mrs W L Shipley, Bessie (Shipley) Woods Reader (10 Aug 1938 Alton Evening Telegraph)
Sinclair, John

Nickles (Bowen), Etta (17 Feb 1916 – 1 Jun 1979)
Nickles (Bowen), Etta Marie (17 Feb 1916 – 1 Jun 1979)
Burnia, Charles Richard (12 Apr 1949 – 12 Apr 1986)

Burnia, Charlie F (25 Jun 1973 – 9 Jul 2005)
Burnia Jr., Charles F (25 Jun 1973 – 9 Jul 2005)

Burnia, Claude Edward (14 Mar 1921 – 29 Jan 1997)
Burnia, Claude (17 Mar 1918 – 29 Jan 1997)
Burnia, Frank (15 Jun 1910 – 22 Jan 1994)
Burnia, Lawrence (20 Oct 1944 – 5 Feb 1990)
Burnia Sr., Robert (17 Feb 1941 – 9 Nov 1992)

Shipley (Doyle) Alice (16 Feb 1946 Alton Evening Telegraph)

Burnia, Dovie (Hails) (29 Aug 1913 – 24 Jun 1999)
Haywood (Campbell), Sarah Elizabeth (Edmund R Haywood’s 2nd wife)

Frizzell (Gibson), Effie May (wife of George Jefferson Frizzell) (2 May 1893 – 29 Apr 1972)
Reed Low (Giddens), Abigail Louisa

Burnia (Gregory), Nellie L (1 May 1908 – 8 Jan 1971)

Frizzell (Harkins), Edrie (married Henry J Frizzell) (9 Jan 1909 – 23 Nov 1988)

Frizzell, Henry J Frizzell (25 Oct 1911 – 2 Nov 1992)
Frizzell, Otto (4 Mar 1901 – 18 Mar 1970)
Frizzell, Herman J (10 Sep 1918 – 14 Dec 1981)

Haywood, E G (died 3 Aug 1955)

Johns, Thomas H (died 20 Jul 1941 Detroit, Michigan)

Luster, Issom “Bud” (27 Jul 1925 – 17 Sep 1995)

Nichols (Miller), Susie (John Thomas Nichols wife) (13 Jun 1876 – 18 Jun 1958)

Nichols, John T. (24 May 1866 – 16 Nov 1933)

Nickles, Allen (4 Apr 1951 – 4 Jan 2001)

Nickles, Brittany Lee
Nickles, Sr. Bufford “Bud” (2 Feb 1909 – 15 Mar 1990)
Nickles Sr., Bufford “Bud” (2 Feb 1909 – 15 Mar 1990)
Nickles, Carl Roy
Nickles, Charles Rudy (15 Mar 1913 – 18 Dec 1977)
Nickles, Kenneth Doyle (10 Oct 1952 – 14 Nov)
Nickles (McMahan), Lillian (5 Apr 1923 – 19 Sep 2009)
Casey (Nickles), Mary Elizabeth (6 Jan 1873 – )
Nickles, Sr. William Edward (26 Jun 1963 – 9 Sep 1999)

Frizzell (Priest) Ferlisty Jane (wife of Wm Frizzell) (18 May 1857 – after 1938)

Burnia (Rollins), Waine (27 Apr 1917 – 13 Jul 1934)

Tarkington (Shipley), Christine (17 Jun 1921 – 1972)
Johns (Skiles), Rachel Adeline (9 Jan 1855 – 1939)
Haywood (Stevens), Sarah (20 Mar 1846 – 2 Apr 1881)

Burnia (Treaster), Katherine (3 Dec 1920 – 18 Feb 1993)

Wells, Cecil (Sue Nickles husband) (27 May 1943 – 16 Nov 1998)

Frizzell, Thomas (d 1845)
Hogwood, Francis

Motsinger, Felix

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