I’ve listed this page with the most recent generation (that I can post publicly due to newest generations still being alive and well) and backwards in order to keep things as clear as possible. The last person listed (generation 1) will be the latest ancestor we have been able to trace using verified sources. Sources will be listed soon as this page is a work in progress as of 2/23/16.

Generation 3

Children of Samuel J. Nickles and Sarah Jane Skiles
A. Mary Elizabeth “Molly” Nickles married William Casey
Birth 1876 in Missouri
B. Anna “Annie” Catherine Nickles married Henry J. Ward 6 Sep 1894 Missouri
Birth 2 May 1878 in Texas, Dent, Missouri, United States
Death 27 Dec 1955 in Mineral Point, Washington, Missouri, United States
C. William H. Nickles
Birth 1880 in Missouri, United States (source 1880 Census: Texas, Dent Co., MO; listed as 2 months old)
Death: he is not listed in the 1900 Census w/Samuel or Sarah; believed to have died or moved out of the home before this time. A lot of people have him listed as dying the same day as John Henry (his brother) — this is inaccurate. John Henry died on 14 Feb 1952 and that has been verified. 
D. Jane Nickles (this has not been verified. According to the 1900 Census – Buckeye, Shannon Co., MO – Sarah was not alive or hadn’t been born. She may have been born and died before the census took place.)
Birth 1882
E. John Henry Nickles married Josephine “Josie” Luster (this is my great great grandfather; all dates have been confirmed via family, the 1900 Census for Buckeye, Shannon Co., MO and 1920 Census Birth 1920 Census St. Louis Ward 7. It is important to note that John Henry went missing for several years. We do not know where he went during his absence, but only that he showed up years later with no explanation. There is a story behind it that if you’re interested in knowing, please contact me directly. I will eventually add a page for him, specifically, that will tell the story for historical purposes.)
Birth 18 Nov 1884 in Missouri, United States
Death 14 Feb 1952 in Missouri, United States
F. James Edward Nichols (a lot of people have him listed as being married to a Blanche Smith. However, the dates of the James Edward Nickles inscribed on the headstone of Blanche Smith do not match the birth nor the death dates of our James Edward Nickles)
Birth 25 Mar 1888 in Dent, Missouri, United States
Death 21 Jan 1958 in St Louis, St Louis, Missouri, United States

Generation 2

Children of Hezekiah Isreal Skiles and Mary Catherine “Polly” Hobson
A. Rachel Adeline Skiles married Charles Wesley Johns
     BIRTH 9 JAN 1855 Salem, Dent, Missouri, United States
     DEATH 24 JUL 1939 Texas, Dent, Missouri, United States
B. Sarah Jane Skiles married Samuel J Nickles
     BIRTH 5 APR 1858 Dent, Missouri, United States
     DEATH 21 AUG 1920 Lenox, Dent, Missouri, United States
C. Margaret E Skiles
     BIRTH 1859 Missouri, United States
     DEATH 21 AUG 1920 Dent, Missouri, United States
D. William H Skiles married Ida Bell Carter
      BIRTH 10 OCT 1860 Dent, Missouri, United States
      DEATH 20 APR 1942 Dent, Missouri, United States
E. Alexander Zant Skiles married Mary Gail Willhite
     BIRTH ABT 1864 Texas, Missouri, United States
     DEATH 1908 Train, Kelheim, Bayern, Germany
F. John A Skiles married Mary Hester Cox
    BIRTH 10 OCT 1864 Dent Co., MO
    DEATH 30 SEP 1945 Lenox, Dent, Missouri, United States
G. Ephraim F Skiles married Emma P Fox
     BIRTH 10 NOV 1866 Salem, Dent, Missouri, United States
     DEATH 10 SEPTEMBER 1942 Farmington, St Francois, Missouri, United States
H. Mary Catherine Skiles married Luther Martin Stites
     BIRTH 22 JAN 1869 Salem, Dent, Missouri, United States
     DEATH 17 MAR 1940 Lenox, Dent, Missouri, United States
I. Via Cynthia Skiles married Thomas M Luster, Sr.
    BIRTH 11 OCT 1874 Lennox, Dent, Missouri, United States
    DEATH 25 FEB 1960 Lennox, Dent, Missouri, United States

 Generation 1

Hezekiah Isreal Skiles
BIRTH MAY 1829 Greene, Tennessee, United States
MARRIED: Mary Catherine “Polly” Hobson
DEATH BEFORE 1910 Dent, Missouri, United States

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