Frizzell | Madison Co, MO: State of Missouri vs John Floyd (regarding assault with intent to kill Salathiel Frizzell)

Before you continue reading and looking at the court documents from Madison County, Missouri regarding the case of the State of Missouri vs John Floyd (regarding the assault with intent to kill Salathiel Frizzell) I feel it’s important to mention that I don’t know which Salathiel Frizzell that this is connected to.

Henry Frizzell’s brother, Salathiel, was living in Madison County, Missouri in 1860 (per the census records), but he was only 16 years old at the time. It does not state that the Salathiel they’re referring to was a minor at the time of the crime. So this could be referring to Henry’s Uncle Salathiel (Jason’s Brother) who was born about 1829 — that would make him approximately 31 years of age at the date of this crime — and he was living in Madison County, Missouri in 1860 as well.

Because of this I believe this court case is about the eldest Salathiel Frizzell and NOT Henry Frizzell’s brother.

Nothing in the documents mentions any other family members names as a resource. In fact, most of the witnesses subpoenaed were for the defendant (John Floyd) as it will show in the case documents attached below.

I will submit for the case of the State of Missouri vs Salathiel Frizzell (regarding assault with intent to kill John Floyd) in the next few weeks. I’ll document them in a new post once I receive them (they’ll only allow you to make one request at a time and it takes time to receive them so please bear with me).

Photographs of case documents are posted below. Please click on the image to view it in a larger size. Once it has loaded you can click it again to view it in an even larger size. I posted them in poster size for easier viewing.

Copyright Disclaimer: While I don’t mind sharing these photos/research for others to use, please do not save them and upload them to any other website unless it is documented that we know for certain which Salathiel that this case applies to. ¬†Otherwise they are free to use. My copyright is embedded in the photo files via my camera for this specific reason. I just don’t like to see over-zealous family researchers adding unproven documentation to an ancestor as it can literally alter history, as I’m sure you’ll understand.¬†

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