While I’ve been researching my family tree for 20 years I have decided to finally make a website, using this blog platform, to get all of my information up on the World Wide Web; other than using Ancestry.com A lot of you will remember that I used to host the Nickles/Nickels/Nichols Family Website. Unfortunately the web host that I had it posted on took it all down and I lost everything (on-line). So getting that back up & running at that level will take time, but it is feasible.

Patience is a virtue; right?

If you are connected to our family tree and already have a website, please do send me an e-mail so that I can link up with you. The more we can share our information & discoveries the better odds we have it as it being documented for future researchers (saving them a lot of work!)

I do want to caution that even though you will find information here, if you do not see that it is cited, please proceed with caution. While I am confident in my work (and others that I have included within my own) are good — there is always room for error as genealogy is not only complex (i.e. name changes, documentation or lack thereof), but a ‘learn as you go’ hobby. If the information is cited, you will see it documented as such and how.

Simply use this website as a resource and you will be fine.

Below I’ve listed my direct maternal family lines that I’ll be working on in more detail. I have been working on my paternal lines, but don’t have enough information to list everything publicly.

Maternal Lines:
I’ll be starting with my Great Grandparents as a reference point. Their names are Bufford Lee “Bud” Nickles, Sr & Alma May Burnia. They were the parents of my maternal Grandfather. 

Great Grandparents:
Bufford Lee “Bud” Nickles, Sr.         married               Alma May Burnia
Father: John Henry Nickles                                          Father: John Alexander “Alex” Burnia
Mother: Josephine “Josie” Luster                                Mother: Rachel D. Sutton

Great Great Grandparents:
John Henry Nickles                       married                  Josephine “Josie” Luster
Father:  Samuel J Nickles                                             Father: Joseph F Luster
Mother: Sarah Jane Skiles                                            Mother: Mary Katherine Motsinger

John Alexander “Alex” Burnia       married               Rachel D. Sutton
Father: John Walter Burnier                                       Father: John L Sutton
Mother: Keziah “Kid” Renfro                                      Mother: Margaret “Mae” Frizzell

Great Great Great Grandparents:
Rev. Samuel J Nickles                 married                    Sarah Jane Skiles
Father: William James Nickles                                    Father: Hezekiah Isreal Skiles
Mother: Eliza Giddens                                                  Mother: Mary “Polly” Hobson

Joseph F Luster                           married                    Mary Katherine Motsinger
Father: John Luster                                                      Father: Felix Motsinger
Mother: Nancy Clinton                                                 Mother: Elizabeth McKain

John Walter Burnier                   married                    Keziah “Kid” Renfro
Father: Louis Bernier                                                   Mother: John Renfro
Mother: Ruth Renfro                                                    Father: Elizabeth Owen

John L Sutton                               married                   Margaret “Mae” Frizzell
Father:  John Sutton                                                    Father: Henry F Frizzell
Mother: Susan Ellen                                                     Mother: Rebecca Sinclair

Great Great Great Great Grandparents:
William James Nickles                married                   Eliza Ann Giddens
Father: Isaac Nichols                                                   Father: Samuel Franklin Giddens
Mother: Jane Thomason                                             Mother: Elizabeth J Brown

Hezekiah Isreal Skiles                 married                   Mary “Polly” Hobson
Father: Unknown                                                         Father: Arthur Hobson
Mother: Unknown                                                        Mother: Catherine Moffatt

John Luster                                  married                    Nancy Clinton
Father: James Luster                                                   Father: Unknown
Mother: Mary Ann Clinton                                          Mother: Unknown

Felix Motsinger                           married                    Elizabeth McKain
Father: George Motsinger                                           Father: Unknown
Mother: Mary Humphrey                                            Mother: Unknown

Louis Bernier                               married                    Ruth Renfro
Father: Louis Bernier                                                   Father: Unknown
Mother: Archange Deguire                                          Mother: Unknown

John Renfro                                 married                    Elizabeth Owen
Father: James Renfro                                                  Father: Unknown
Mother: Eliza                                                                 Mother: Unknown

John Sutton                                 married                    Susan Ellen
Father: Unknown                                                         Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown                                                        Mother: Unknown

Henry F Frizzell                         married                    Rebecca Sinclair
Father: Jason Frizzell                                                  Father: William Ashley St. Clair
Mother: Odeel Smith                                                  Mother: Wiley Elene Johnson

Great Great Great Great Great Grandparents:
Isaac Nichols                               married                    Jane Thomason
Father: Jonathan Nichols                                            Father: James Thomason
Mother: Hannah James                                               Mother: Prudence Simpson

Samuel Franklin Giddens          married                   Elizabeth J Brown
Father: Roger Gideon                                                 Father: Unknown
Mother: Magedeline Fitzgerald                                 Mother: Unknown

Arthur Hobson                            married                   Catherine Moffatt
Father: William Hobson                                              Father: Charles Moffitt
Mother: Mary Cashette                                              Mother: Mary Beeson

James Luster                              married                   Mary Anna Clinton
Father: Unknown                                                        Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown                                                       Mother: Unknown

George Motsinger                      married                   Mary Humphrey
Father: Jacob Motsinger, Sr.                                     Father: Unknown
Mother: Hannah Brown                                             Mother: Unknown

Louis Bernier                              married                    Archange Deguire
Father: Jean Francois Bernier                                   Father: Andre Deguire dit LaRose
Mother: Marie Louis L’Eveque                                  Mother: Marguerite Gauvrea

James Renfro                             married                     Eliza
Father: Unknown                                                         Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown                                                        Mother: Unknown

Jason Frizzell                             married                      Odeel Smith
Father: Thomas Frizzell                                               Father: John Smith
Mother: Unknown                                                         Mother: Mary Ann

William Ashley St. Clair            married                      Wiley Elene Johnson
Father: Unknown                                                          Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown                                                         Mother: Unknown

Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandparents:
Jonathan Nichols                       married                       Hannah James
Father: Mathias Nichols, Sr.                                         Father: Unknown
Mother: Elizabeth Allen                                                Mother: Unknown

James Thomason                      married                       Prudence Simpson
Father: Unknown                                                           Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown                                                         Mother: Unknown

Rodger Gideon                          married                       Magdeline Fitzgerald
Father: Unknown                                                           Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown                                                          Mother: Unknown

William Hobson                          married                     Mary Cashette
Father: Unknown                                                          Father: Unknown
Mother:Unknown                                                          Mother:Unknown

Charles Moffitt                           married                      Mary Beeson
Father: Unknown                                                          Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown                                                         Mother: Unknown

Jacob Motsinger                         married                      Hannah Brown
Father: Felix Jackson Motsinger, Sr                           Father: Unknown
Mother: Elizabeth                                                          Mother: Unknown

Jean Francois Bernier                married                     Marie Louis L’Eveque
*Note: I’m stopping here with this line as I have not completely sourced everything as of yet. Stay tuned.


Maternal Lines:
I’ll be starting with my Great Grandparents as a reference point. Their names are Robert Bruce Wildman & Zelma Myrtle Haywood. They were the parents of my maternal Grandmother.

Before I begin, please note that my Grandmother’s biological father was not Robert Bruce Wildman. His name was Carl V. Wiggins. Unfortunately he left when she was very young and while we have an idea of where he went we won’t be listing his family tree on this website.

Robert Bruce Wildman                    married              Zelma Myrtle Haywood
Father: Walter Brewer Wildman                               Father: James L Haywood
Mother: Florence Ethel Miller                                    Mother: Mary Elizabeth Fox

Great Great Grandparents:
James L Haywood                            married              Mary Elizabeth Fox
Father: Edmund Richardson Haywood                     Father: William Taylor Fox
Mother: Sarah Frances Stevens                                 Mother: Alice A Etta Sabin

Great Great Great Grandparents:
Edmund Richardson Haywood         married             Sarah Frances Stevens
Father: David Haywood                                                Father: John Stephens
Mother: Mary Jeanette Manning                                Mother: Maria L. Unknown

William Taylor Fox                              married            Alice A Etta Sabin
Father: Josiah B Fox                                                     Father: Alonzo David Sabin
Mother: Mary Elizabeth Hall                                       Mother: Mary Alice Miles

Great Great Great Great Grandparents:
David Haywood                                      married           Mary Jeanette Manning
Father:  George Braddock Haywood                            Father: Whitdon Manning
Mother: Charity                                                              Mother: Chloe Smith

John Stephens                                         married           Maria L. Unknown
Father: Unknown                                                             Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown                                                            Mother: Unknown

Josiah B Fox                                             married          Mary Elizabeth Hall
Father: Unknown                                                            Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown                                                           Mother: Unknown

Alonzo David Sabin                                  married          Mary Alice Miles
Father: David Sabin                                                         Father: Noah B Miles
Mother: Louisa Baley                                                       Mother: Rachel Coon

Great Great Great Great Grandparents:
George Braddock Haywood                     married          Charity
Father: Egbert “Byrd” Haywood                                    Father: Unknown
Mother: Mary Braddock                                                  Mother: Unknown

Whitdon Manning                                      married          Chloe Smith
Father: John Manning                                                       Father: Unknown
Mother: Courtney Wallace                                               Mother: Unknown

David Sabin                                                  married          Louisa Baley
Father: Unknown                                                                Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown                                                               Mother: Unknown

Noah B Miles                                                 married         Rachel Coon
Father: Unknown                                                                Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown                                                               Mother: Unknown

Great Great Great Great Great Grandparents:
Egbert “Byrd” Haywood                               married         Mary Braddock
Father: George Haywood, Jr.                                              Father: Unknown
Mother: Martha Byrd                                                           Mother: Unknown

John Manning                                                  married         Courtney Wallace
Father: Unknown                                                                   Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown                                                                  Mother: Unknown

Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandparents:
George Haywood, Jr                                        married         Martha Byrd
Father: George Hogwood, Sr.                                                Father: Unknown
Mother: Anna Partain                                                             Mother: Unknown

Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandparents:
George Hogwood, Sr.                                        married         Anna Partain
Father: Francis Hogwood                                                        Father: Unknown
Mother: Elizabeth Creed                                                         Mother: Unknown

Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandparents:
Francis Hogwood                                                 married         Elizabeth Creed
Father: Unknown                                                                       Father: Ralph Creed
Mother: Unknown                                                                      Mother: Grace

8 Responses to About

  1. Franklin Mayon Haywood says:

    Don’t have a website but wanted you to know about us. Your great grandfather and my father, Jim Roe Haywood, were brothers.
    I married Maggie Burke from Leesburg, FL. That will have been 50 years ago August 15th of this year.
    If we can help you with any family information, we would be happy to.
    Congratulations on your career. You & Lady Anabellum are great. We have been following you from the beginning. Nice to hear you and Kelli are expecting a baby boy:)
    Frank and Maggie Haywood

    • TheySaid. says:

      I’m going to guess I’m not who you think I am based on your comment, but you have definitely intrigued me 🙂 My name is Jennifer. I’d love to know more about the connections that you’ve mentioned so please feel free to tell me more 🙂

  2. M Skiles says:

    We are interested in the Skiles lineage in Dent County, MO. A g-g-grandfather lived and married there. We would like to talk with you to compare notes, but not in a public forum of any kind.
    Please respond if you are interested in talking with us.
    Many thanks and we shall look forward to hearing from you.

  3. Susan Nickels says:

    Hello, I am Nickels descendant through Allen Nickels, by his daughter Mary “Polly” Nickels, her son Samuel Monroe Nickels, his son Arthur Burnett Nickels, his son my grandfather David Graham Nickels. I have a copy of the Nickels family history that was compiled by Edwin Nickels, but I do not see a mention of a Jonathan Nickels. Also do you have a copy of Journey Along the Holston that was written by about the Nickels family. I do not think Brian Keith Nichols is online anymore and his webpages are not up and running. I have pictures of Samuel Monroe and his wife Laura Alberta Elam I am willing to share.


    • TheySaid. says:

      I’ve tried reaching out to Brian the last couple of years in order to purchase the book, but to no avail. I do random searches for the book with hopes that someone will list it on ebay or the like. I do intend on visiting Nickelsville, VA in 2016 so if nothing else, I can perhaps find someone there with a little information or visit the local library with hopes that they have a copy of the book. Thank you for visiting, and I apologize for the late response. I’ve had a lot going on, but will be sure to start checking for messages more frequently 🙂

  4. Trinity Heimann says:

    Hi, I started my family tree a few years ago. I was wondering if you found anything on Ann Nolan, second wife of William son of Allen Nickels? Thanks!

    • TheySaid. says:

      Unfortunately, I haven’t. I tend to focus on one family line at a time and the Nickels/Nickles/Nichols have been researched for as far back as I can remember (I started with them). However, I’m always looking so something may come up! 🙂

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