Please note that this lineage, like all of them, is a work in progress until this note is removed. Keep checking back for updates.

Generation One

Thomas Frizzell (source #2) married (first wife’s name is not confirmed) and then married Mary Ann Parker.
Birth 1784 in South Carolina, United States
Death 1845 in Madison, Missouri, United States

Note: There are two names being listed as the 1st wife of Thomas Frizzell, Sr. 1) Maude Springwater and 2) Maria Landen. Because of this I am listing her as “Unknown Mother”, but wanted to connect the names for those who may want to do their own research. Once I have verified (and sourced) this information I will make the update here. For those who are passing this on as verified, please remember that you can literally alter history by doing so. Nothing should be written as concrete until you have proof to back that up. If you do have proof, please submit that to me so I can verify it and continue on making sure that the Frizzell line is complete. Thank you 🙂

Generation Two

Children of Thomas Frizzell and Unknown Mother:
A. Maria Frizzell
B. Marella Jane Frizzell (married John Clubb 1839)
Birth 1811 in Madison, Missouri, United States
Death 1844 in German, Madison, Missouri, United States
C. Clarissa “Clara” Frizzell (married Uriah Johnson)
Birth abt 1813 in Kentucky
D. Jason Frizzell (married Odeel Smith 17 Mar 1836 Madison Co., MO, USA daughter of John Smith and Mary Ann ??)
Birth 1815 in Madison, Missouri, United States
Death May 1860 in Madison, Missouri, United States
E. Needham Frizzell, Sr. (married Cecillia LaChance 7 Apr 1836 Madison Co., MO, USA and then married Sarah “Sally” Pruett 5 Feb 1857 Madison Co., MO, USA)
Birth abt 1815 in MO
Death May 1860 in Madison CO., MO
F. Jemima Frizzell
Birth 1816
G. Louise Frizzell (married Benjamin Cato son of Henry Cato & Mary Polly Ladd)
Birth 1820
Death 1847 in Madison Co MO
H. Thomas Frizzell, Jr. (married Rebecca Johnson 3 Oct 1841 daughter of Davis Johnson & Elizabeth Cato, then married Zenitha Graham 16 Apr 1852 Madison Co., MO daughter of Robert Graham)
Birth 1821 in Madison County, Missouri, USA
Death BEFORE 25 DEC 1854 in Madison Co MO
I. Nancy Frizzell
Birth Abt 1823
J. Salathiel Frizzell (married Judeth “Judy” Smith)
Birth: Abt 1829

Children of Thomas Frizzell and Mary Ann Parker (see note below in regard to Mary Ann Parker):
John J. Frizzell
Birth: Abt 1839
Emily Frizzell
Birth: Abt 1843
Jefferson Frizzell
Birth: Abt 1843
Henry Frizzell
Birth: Abt 1845

Note: After Thomas Frizzell died in in 1845 Mary Ann Parker married Ezariah Braddy 14 Sep 1845 in Madison County, Missouri and had 5 more children. Their names are Ellen, Emiline, Jasper, Newton Thomas & George. If you would like more information about them, please leave me a comment below with your e-mail address and I’ll reply with what I have. 

Generation Three

B. Children of Marella Frizzell and John Clubb:
B1. David Daniel Clubb
Birth 1829 in Stoddard, Missouri, United States
Death 3 Mar 1863 in Graves Plantation, Louisiana, United States
B2. Thomas Carter Clubb
Birth 30 Jun 1830 in Cape Girardeau, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, United States
Death 3 Feb 1901 in Bollinger, Missouri, United States
B3. Jane Clubb
Birth 22 Dec 1831 in Bollinger, Missouri, United States
Death 26 May 1883 in Bollinger, Missouri, United States
B4. Oliver Clubb
Birth 1833 in Stoddard, Missouri, United States
Death 22 Aug 1872 in Clubb, Wayne, Missouri, United States
B5. Anthony Clubb
Birth 1835 in Missouri, United States
Death 1857
B6. John Clubb
Birth 1837 in Missouri, United States
B7. Moses Club
Birth 1839 in Missouri, United States

D. Children of Jason Frizzel and Odeel Smith:
D1. Henry F Frizzell (married Rebecca Sinclair 1869 Madison Co., MO, USA daughter of William Ashley St. Clair & Wiley Ellen Johnson)
Birth Dec 1839 in Missouri, United States
Death 25 May 1904 in St Louis, St Louis, Missouri, United States (source: #3)
Note: Medal of Honor Recipient earned during Civil War for Heroism 22 May 1863 at Vicksburg. Also fought in the Battle of Resaca, Georgia.
D2. Salathiel Frizzell
Birth 1844 in Missouri
D3. Mary J Frizzell (married William Copeland 18 Mar 1869 Madison Co., MO)
Birth 1848 in Madison, Missouri, United States
D4. Jason Frizzell
Birth 1854 in Missouri, United States
D5. Samuel Frizzell
Birth 1856 in Missouri, United States

E. Children of Needham Frizzell, Sr. and Cecillia LaChance
E1. Lewis/Louis E. Frizzell
Birth abt 1836 in Madison Co, Missouri United States
E2. Mary Jane Frizzell (married Richard Callison 19 Jan 1860 Madison Co., MO, USA)
Birth 1840 in Missouri
E3. Charles Frizzell
Birth 1841 in Madison, Missouri, USA
E4. Sarah Frizzell
Birth 1846 in Madison, Missouri, United States
Death 1872 in Fredericktown, Madison, Missouri, USA
E5. Thomas Frizzell
Birth 1849 in Madison Co MO
E6. Needham Frizzell, Jr.
Birth abt 1851 in Madison, Missouri, United States
Note: In May of 1860 Needham Frizzell, Sr. died of pneumonia and the 1860 Polk, Madison Co. Census shows Louis, Charles, Sarah Thomas & Needham, Jr. living with Mary Jane and her husband Richard Callison. I don’t know what happened to Cecillia, but I’m assuming she passed before the 1860 census since the children were living with Mary Jane. 
E. Children of Needham Frizzell, Sr. and Sarah “Sally” Pruett
E7.William Robert Frizzell (married Flista Jane LaPlant 11 Nov 1877 Madison Co., MO)
Birth 4 Mar 1857 Madison Co., MO
Death 25 Mar 1938 Mine LaMotte, Madison Co., MO

G. Children of Louise Frizzell and Benjamin Cato:
G1. Solutha | Salathiel Cato
Birth 1843 in Missouri
Death in Civil War
G2. Mary Jane Cato
Birth Nov, 1845 in Bollinger County, Missouri, USA
Death April 27, 1947 in St. Louis, Mo
G3. Benjamin J. Cato
Birth 1845
Death in Civil War

H. Children of Thomas Frizzell, Jr and Rebecca Johnson
H1. Margaret “Peggy” Frizzell
Birth in Fredericktown, Madison, MO
Death BEF 1853
H2. Maria R. Frizzell
Birth in Fredericktown, Madison, MO
H3. Salathiel Frizzell
Birth abt 1848 in Fredericktown, Madison County, Missouri, United States
H4. David Frizzell
Birth 15 Apr 1851 in Fredericktown, Madison, MO
H. Children of Thomas Frizzell, Jr. and Zenitha Graham
H5. Sarah E Frizzell
H6. Corintha Frizzell (married Henry Downs)
Note: After Rebecca Johnson Frizzell died, Salathiel & David Frizzell went to live with Rebecca’s brother, Rev. Joseph Johnson & his wife Maria. A while later David moved to California with Joseph & Maria Johnson (Sutter County; 1870 Census).
Note 2: When Thomas Frizzell, Jr died Zenitha, Sarah & Corinthia Frizzell lived with Zenitha’s father, Robert Graham. 

 Generation Four

D1. Children of Henry F Frizzell and Rebecca Sinclair:
D1A. Margaret May Frizzell (married John L Sutton)
Birth Feb 1872 in Missouri, United States
Death 26 Nov 1934 in Iron, Iron, Missouri, United States
D1B. William Frizzell
Birth 1876 in Missouri, United States
D1C. Mattie Frizzell (married Henry Patrick Stone 5 Jul 1902 Indiana, USA)
Birth 1880
Death in Oklahoma, United States
D1D. George Frizzell
Birth 1883

E7. Children of William Robert Frizzell and Ferlicity Jane LaPlant
E7A. Cora Ann Frizzell (married William Washington Priest)
Birth 10 Oct 1889 in Missouri, USA
Death 03 APR 1955 in Cape Girardeau, Cape Girardeau Co., MO


Generation Five

D1A. Children of Margaret May Frizzell and John L Sutton:
Lula Ann Sutton (married John Hayman 05 Sep 1903 in Owen Co. Indiana.    She married James Madison Newkirck 14 Feb 1910 in Farmington St Francois Co. Missouri, son of John Newkirk and Nancy Kane.  He was born 29 Jul 1874 in Arkansas, and died 11 Oct 1955 in St Louis City Missouri)
Birth 2 Feb 1890 in Madison, Missouri, United States
Death 15 Nov 1935 in St Francois, St Francois, Missouri, United States
D1A2. Carrie Ellen Sutton (married Harry L Yancey 05 Oct 1906 in Madison Co. Missouri –  He was born Sep 1884 in Indiana, and died 09 Dec 1973 in Washington Co. Missouri, then she married Owen “Hugh” Perry 05 May 1913 in Farmington, St Francois Co  Missouri.  He was born Abt. 1886 in Ste Genevieve Co. Missouri)
Birth 11 Sep 1891 in Madison, Missouri, United States
Death 17 Feb 1923 in St Francois, St Francois, Missouri, United States
D1A3. Ida Sutton (married John Allen Renfro 07 Feb 1910 in Fredericktown, Madison Co. Missouri, son of James Renfro and Sarah Adams.  He was born 08 Oct 1886 in Mine LaMotte, Madison Co. Mo., and died 15 Sep 1958 in Orange Co. California)
Birth Oct 1893 in Spencer, Indiana, United States
Death 31 Oct 1941 in Missouri, United States
D1A4. Rachel D Sutton (married John Alexander Burnia 07 Feb 1910 in Fredericktown, Madison Co. Missouri, son of John Walter Burnia and Kizzie Renfro.  He was born 27 Jul 1886 in Mine LaMotte, Madison Co, Missouri, and died 08 Jun 1954 in St Louis City Hospital, St Louis Mo.50.  She married Charles Rauls Aft. 1930.  He was born 25 Aug 1898, and died Apr 1970 in Fredericktown, Madison Co Missouri)
Birth Jun 1894 in Spencer, Indiana, United States
Death 1967 in St Louis, St Louis, Missouri, United States
D1A5. Mattie Sutton (married John Walter “Flynn” Burnia” 17 May 1915 in Bethel Church at Catherine, Madison Co.  Missouri, son of John Walter Burnia and Kizzie Renfro.  He was born 01 Mar 1891 in Madison Co. Missouri, and died 12 Sep 1953 in St Louis City Hospital, St Louis Mo)
Birth Mar 9, 1897 in Owen, Indiana
Death 6 Sep in Illinois, United States
D1A6. Ada Beulah Sutton (married John Henry Vandergriff 07 Jun 1915 in Church at Catherine, Madison Co, Missouri, son of George Vandergriff and Martha Burnia.  He was born 07 Sep 1893, and died Oct 1972 in Jefferson Memorial Hospital, Festus, Missouri)
Birth 9 Feb 1899 in Owen, Indiana, United States
Death 31 Oct 1941 in St Louis, St Louis, Missouri, United States
D1A7. Ethel Sutton (married Riley Fielding Wagganer 27 Mar 1918 in Fredericktown Madison Co. Missouri, son of William Wagganer and Mary Cooper.  He was born 25 Mar 1891 in Fredericktown, Madison Co. Missouri, and died 14 Jun 1952 in VA Jefferson Barracks Hospital, St Louis Co. Mo)
Birth 25 Nov 1900 in Owen, Indiana, United States
Death 6 Nov 1961 in Hillsboro, Jefferson, Missouri, United States
D1A8. Charles William Sutton (married Roxie Beaulah Smart 19 Jan 1922 in Farmington, St Francois Co. Missouri, daughter of Joseph Smart and Anna Duncan.  She was born 28 Aug 1906 in Mine Lamotte Madison Co. Missouri, and died 10 Feb 1993 in St. Louis Missouri.  He married Pauline Jerca 29 Dec 1949 in Cadet, Washington Co. Missouri.  She was born Abt. 1916 in St Louis  Mo., and died Abt. 1990 in St Louis  Mo)
D1A9. Hobart J. Sutton
Birth 11 Apr 1905 in Spencer, Indiana, United States
Death 22 May 1929 in Hospital, Region Metropolitana, Chile
D1A10. Herman E. Sutton (married Mae Anthony 11 Feb 1928 in Fredericktown Madison Co. Missouri.  She was born Abt. 1913 in Madison Co. Missouri.  He married Fern L. Midkiff 01 Aug 1946 in St. Louis  Missouri.  She was born 19 Jul 1920 in St Louis Missouri, and died 07 Sep 2003 in St Louis Missouri)
Birth abt 1907 in , Madison, Missouri, USA
Death 30 Apr 1957 in , St Louis, Missouri, USA
D1A11. Otto David Sutton (married Alice Grovero 25 Jul 1931 in Potosi, Washington Co Missouri.   He married Nellie Mae Foster Abt. 1937, daughter of John Foster and Elizabeth Perkins  She was born 15 Jan 1909 in Monroe City, Knox Co. Indiana, and died 29 Mar 1992 in St Louis City Missouri)
Birth 15 May 1912 in Madison, Missouri, United States
Death 11 Feb 1974 in St Louis, St Louis, Missouri, United States

Generation Six

D1A4. Children of Rachel D Sutton and John Alexander “Alex” Burnia:
Beulah S Burnia (married Albert Wesley Trudo 10 Nov 1928 Washington Co., MO, USA)
Birth 27 Sep 1912 in St Francois, St Francois, Missouri, United States
Death 13 Jun 1929 in Washington, Missouri, United States

D1A4B. Eileen Burnia
Birth 26 Mar 1914 in Madison, Missouri, United States
Death 26 Dec 1914 in Madison, Missouri, United States (pneumonia)

D1A4C. Alma May Burnia (married Bufford Lee Nickles, Sr. 23 Apr 1932 in Cadet, Washington Co., MO, USA son of John Henry Burnia & Josephine “Josie” Luster)
Birth 16 Feb 1916 in Missouri
Death 4 Feb 2011 in Bonne Terre, Saint Francois, Missouri, United States of America

D1A4D. John Sylvester Burnia
Birth 8 Aug 1918 in St Francois, St Francois, Missouri, United States
Death 9 May 1920 in St Francois, St Francois, Missouri, United States

D1A4E. Freddie William Burnia (married Melba Cain 5 Jul 1941 Potosi, Washington Co., MO, USA)
Birth 14 Jan 1921 in Missouri, United States
Death 3 Sep 1991 in Bellflower, Los Angeles, California, United States

D1A4F. Marie Burnia (married Wilford T. Sansoucie 18 Feb 1939 Cadet, Washington Co., MO, USA)
Birth 21 Aug 1923 in Missouri
Death 14 Sep 1986 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, United States

D1A4G. Gladys Virginia Burnia (married Virgil W. Cross 16 Sep 1943 Potosi, Washington Co., MO, USA; then Edward McCullough abt 1970)
Birth 11 Jan 1926 in Leadwood, St Francois, Missouri, USA
Death 15 Dec 1991 in Affton, St Louis, Missouri, USA

D1A4H. Daughter (still living)

D1A4I. Nina Burnia (married Robert Moore; then Paul Raymond Thompson; then Robert Chris Wilcox, Sr 16 Aug 1953 Ironton, Missouri, USA)
Birth 28 Aug 1931 in Washington, Missouri, United States
Death 1 Oct 1993 in Belle, Maries, Missouri, United States



References & Resources:
1. State of Missouri vs John Floyd in regard to assault with intent to kill Salathiel Frizzell | Click here
2. Will of Thomas Frizzell, Sr. (click here to download a copy or click here to view it on this website)
3. Death Certificate of Henry F Frizzell (click here)
4. 1860 Madison County Census (click here)

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  2. Linda Bryson says:

    My father is doing research and we are connected to the Frizzell family. What he wants to know details on Jason Frizzell criminal history. He has limited information on accusations that he was accussed of murder in Madison County, Missouri ariund 1843-1855. Please let me know if you have any information. Thank you

    • Jennifer says:

      Unfortunately I don’t have anything further than what he has already. It’s not something I’ve dug into very deeply yet, but if & when I get the chance I will be certain to post it here 🙂

    • Jennifer says:

      Linda I don’t know if you have any interest in this particular case, but I submitted for information in regard to Salathiel Frizzell in the case of the State of Missouri vs John Floyd for assault with intent to kill Salathiel Frizzell. I’ve made a separate post about it here if you’d like to read it:

      I do have other records that I’ve already submitting and plan on submitted to see what other information I can find out. However, they only allow for one record search at a time and it’s a tedious process of waiting for the actual case to arrive. I’ll post them as they come in so be sure to check back 🙂

  3. Jennifer says:

    Linda, just an update. I have sent off for copies of the records. It may be 4-6 weeks before I receive anything, but as soon as I do I will post them here 🙂

  4. Joe George says:

    Donald R. Frizzell b 7-Apr-1916? d 23-Apr-1989 Illinois. Do you know of him or have any info on him? Thank you for replying.

    • TheySaid. says:

      Not at this time, but as others add their Frizzell lines and research continues we may. Please do keep checking back from time to time. The Frizzell line is one I often work on 🙂

  5. Joe George says:

    Ruby Frizzell-His first wife obit. Second

    CHAMPAIGN – Ruby C. Frizzell, 93, of Champaign passed away Thursday (June 19, 2014) at her home.

    Graveside services will be at 10 a.m. Monday, June 23, at Bailey Memorial Cemetery, Tolono, with Rev. Jim McClarey officiating. Freese Funeral Home, 407 N. Bourne, Tolono, is in charge of arrangements.

    Ruby was born April 29, 1921, at Indianapolis, the daughter of Harold and Peggy Matlock Johnson. She married Donald R. Frizzell and later divorced and never remarried.

    Survivors include her sons, Donald (DeeDee Hines) Frizzell of Champaign and John (Linda) Frizzell of Champaign; grandchildren, Angela Siders of St. Louis, Mo., and Andrea (Jacob) Shaw of Tolono; and two great-grandchildren, Lauren and Ally Shaw.

    She was preceded in death by her parents and two brothers.

    Ruby worked at the Paradise Inn and Burnham Hospital.

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