Nickles, Nichols, Nickels

I’ve listed this page with the most recent generation and backwards in order to keep things as clear as possible. The last person listed will be the latest ancestor we have been able to trace using verified sources.

Generation 7

Children of John Henry Nickles and Josephine “Josie” Luster
A. Bufford Lee Nickles, Sr. married Alma May Burnia 23 Apr 1932 in Washington County, Missouri (source: this is my Great Grandfather and the dates are confirmed by Alma May Burnia herself, directly to me, years prior to her death)
Birth 9 Feb 1909 in Missouri, United States
Death 15 Mar 1990 in Mineral Point, Washington, Missouri, USA
B. Charles Theodore “Ted” Nickles
Birth 15 Mar 1913 in Missouri
Death Dec 1977 in St Louis, St Louis, Missouri, United States
C. Goldie M. Nickles married Floyd Virgil Hart 19 Aug 1929 St. Louis Co., Missouri
Birth 21 Dec 1910 Missouri
Death 13 Dec 1984 in Kankakee, Illinois



Generation 6

Children of Samuel J. Nickles and Sarah Jane Skiles
A. Mary Elizabeth “Molly” Nickles married William Casey
Birth 1876 in Missouri
B. Anna “Annie” Catherine Nickles married Henry J. Ward 6 Sep 1894 Missouri
Birth 2 May 1878 in Texas, Dent, Missouri, United States
Death 27 Dec 1955 in Mineral Point, Washington, Missouri, United States
C. William H. Nickles
Birth 1880 in Missouri, United States (source 1880 Census: Texas, Dent Co., MO; listed as 2 months old)
Death: he is not listed in the 1900 Census w/Samuel or Sarah; believed to have died or moved out of the home before this time. A lot of people have him listed as dying the same day as John Henry (his brother) — this is inaccurate. John Henry died on 14 Feb 1952 and that has been verified. 
D. Jane Nickles (this has not been verified. According to the 1900 Census – Buckeye, Shannon Co., MO – Sarah was not alive or hadn’t been born. She may have been born and died before the census took place.)
Birth 1882
E. John Henry Nickles married Josephine “Josie” Luster (this is my great great grandfather; all dates have been confirmed via family, the 1900 Census for Buckeye, Shannon Co., MO and 1920 Census Birth 1920 Census St. Louis Ward 7. It is important to note that John Henry went missing for several years. We do not know where he went during his absence, but only that he showed up years later with no explanation. There is a story behind it that if you’re interested in knowing, please contact me directly. I will eventually add a page for him, specifically, that will tell the story for historical purposes.)
Birth 18 Nov 1884 in Missouri, United States
Death 14 Feb 1952 in Missouri, United States
F. James Edward Nichols (a lot of people have him listed as being married to a Blanche Smith. However, the dates of the James Edward Nickles inscribed on the headstone of Blanche Smith do not match the birth nor the death dates of our James Edward Nickles)
Birth 25 Mar 1888 in Dent, Missouri, United States
Death 21 Jan 1958 in St Louis, St Louis, Missouri, United States



Generation 5

Children of William J. Nichols and Eliza Ann Giddens
A. Samuel J. Nickles married Sarah Jane Skiles 18 Dec 1875 in Dent County, Missouri (by Callahan, William C. (Rev)Volume B, Page 214D of the  Dent County, Missouri, Marriage Records 1870-1878)
Birth 12 Dec 1854 in Missouri, United States
Death 17 Jun 1910 in Shannon, Missouri, United States
B. Elizabeth Nickles
Birth 1855 in Missouri, USA
C. Cola Catherine Nickles married Stephen Butler Click in 1880
Birth 3 Mar 1857 in Missouri, United States
Death 2 Apr 1925 in Salem, Dent, Missouri, United States
D. Mary Ann “Polly” Nickles married George Washington Stites in 1879
Birth 18 Mar 1858 in Missouri, United States
Death 24 Jun 1921 in Dent, Missouri, United States
E. Mahala Nickles
Birth 1861 in Missouri, USA
Death 11 Dec 1958 in Dent, Missouri, United States
F. John R. Nickles married Lennie L. Enke 10 Jul 1888
Birth 11 Apr 1866 in Missouri, United States
Death 21 May 1924 in Missouri, United States
G. Martha Ellen Nickles married John Sidney Stites 31 Oct 1899
Birth 2 Mar 1869 in Missouri
Death 11 Dec 1958 in Salem, Dent, Missouri, United States
H. Thomas Wiley Nickles married Femiela Jane Williams 21 Mar 1901
Birth 17 Nov 1871 in Dent, Missouri, United States
Death 23 Mar 1944 in Dent, Missouri, United States



Generation 4

Children of Isaac Nichols and Jane Thomason
A. Mahalia Nichols
Birth 1825 in Tennessee, United States
B. Elizabeth Nichols married Willis Vincent Giddens 5 May 1856 Dent County, Missouri
Birth 1828 in Tennessee
C. William J. Nichols married Eliza Jane Giddens 1851 in Missouri
Birth 1829 in Grainger County, Tennessee, USA
Death 1900 in Missouri, United States
D. Calley “Cola” Nichols
Birth 1832 in White County, Tennessee, USA
E. John K. Nichols married Martha Carter 21 Jun 1863 and then married Artemisa Elizabeth Weaver 29 Aug 1869
Birth 1836 in Tennessee, United States
F. Jonathan Riley Nichols married Nancy Ann Robnett; then married Nancy B. Holloway 1874
Birth 1840 in Warren or White County, Tennessee
Death 26 Feb 1908 in Missouri, United States
G. Mary Ann Nichols married William L. Triplett 24 Mar 1870 Dent County, Missouri
Birth 1842 in Tennessee, United States
Death 1880
H. Prudence Nichols married Benjamin Houston Agee
Birth 1844
I. Thomas W. Nichols



Generation 3

Children of Jonathan Nichols & Hannah James
A. Hannah Nichols
Birth about 1803
B. Isaac Nichols (Changed name to Nickles) married Jane Thomason 2 Mar 1824 Grainger Co, TN. Jane was the daughter of James Thomason & Prudence Simpson.
Birth about 1805 in Virginia
Death 1875 in Lexington, Lafayette, Missouri, United States
C. Matthias Nichols married Gabriella Perry 26 Dec 1827 Grainger Co, TN
Birth about 1805
D. Polly Nichols (Name possibly Martha) married John Thomason
Birth about 1807
E. Comfort Nichols married Conley Collins
Birth about 1808
F. William Nichols married Biddye Teague
Birth about 1812
G. Prescia Nichols married William Sparkman
Birth about 1813
H. Jonathan Nichols married Barbara
Birth about 1814
I. Abraham Nichols
Birth about 1815



Generation 2

Children of Matthias Nichols &
A. Jonathan Nichols married Hannah James 25 Apr 1799 Washington Co., MO
Birth 1777 in Virginia, United States
Death 1849 in Tennessee, United States
Note: Jonathan Nickels/Nichols who married Hannah James on April 25, 1799 in Washington Co. Va. Jonathan & Family moved to Grainger Co. TN.  His widow, Hannah Nichols is listed on the 1850 Humphery Co., TN Census. Their children were  Hannah, Isaac, Mathias, Polly, Comfort, Prescia, William, Jonathan Jr. & Abraham Nichols/Nickels

B. James Nichols | Nickels, Sr. married Jane Matney 13 Jan 1803 Washington Co., VA by Nicholas Reagan. Jane was the daughter of Walter Matney, Sr. & Mary “Polly” Unknown. They divorced 10 Apr 1839. James then married Serena Jaynes 12 Jun 1855 Scott Co, VA. Serena was the daughter of Thomas Jaynes & Mary Stapleton. She was born 1812 & died 11 Sep 1888 Scott Co, VA
Birth 1781 in Virginia, United States
Death Aug 1869 in Nickelsville, Scott, Virginia, United States

C. Mathias Nickles, Jr. married Mary Robinson in Smyth County, Virginia 17 Mar 1841
Birth 12 January 1786 in Washington County, Virginia.
Death 16 April 1853 in Smyth County, Virginia.
Note: Mathias & Mary had a son, Morgan, who was born about 1844 in Smyth Co., VA. He served with the 8th VA Cavalry during the Civil War. Morgan ran an iron furnace in Smyth Co.

D. Sarah Sally Nickels
Birth 1787 in Washington, Virginia, United States
Death 1850

E. Elizabeth Nickels married Hugh Fulton, Sr. 28 Feb 1833 in Knoxville, Knox County, TN
Born 1798 in Washington County, Virginia.
Died 1852 in Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee.

F. William Nickels married Amanda Pratt 19 Dec 1844 in Knox Co., TN
Born February 12, 1806 in Washington County, Virginia.
Died 1862 in Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee.



Generation 1

Matthias Nichols married Elizabeth Allen (note: Elizabeth’s full name may have been Elizabeth Allen Walker)
They relocated to Washington Co, VA by 1785
Birth 1750 in Nickelsville, Scott, Virginia, United States
Death Jul 1838 in Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee, United States

Elizabeth was born about 1760 in Rye Valley, Virginia.
Elizabeth died about 1837 in Knox County, Tennessee.



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  2. BILLIE HART says:


  3. Donna Nichols says:


    I just found your website. Do you know what happened to Brian Nickels? His site is no longer up and the domain is for sale.

    Also, have you done a DNA test?

    Yep, I’m researching my paternal line. ;}


    • TheySaid. says:

      I truly wish I knew! I’ve tried emailing him at the last email address that I had on him, but have yet to receive a response.

      I have submitted my DNA as well as my Grandfather (who is a NickLEs) to 🙂

  4. Randy Crouse says:

    Mathias Nickles Jr and Mary Robinson had a daughter, Emily b. 1823 who married Ptolemy Kirk in Smyth County, Va 29 Dec 1848.
    They also had William K. b. 1820, Franklin b. 1822, Mary A. b. 1826,, Louisa J. b. 1828 and Morgan N. b. 1834.
    CENSUS: —————————————————-
    State: VA Year: 1850
    County: Smyth County
    Township: District 60 Page: 231,img 151
    Database: VA 1850 Federal Census Index
    Mathias Nickles 64 M Ironmaker 3450 Va
    Mary 58 F Va
    William R. 30 M Ironmaker 1000 Va
    Franklin 28 M Hammerman 100 Va
    Mary A. 24 F Va
    Lovisa J. 22 F Va
    Morgan N. 16 M Laborer Va
    Occupation: Ironmaker, lived next-door to two Blacksmiths, a wagonmaker, a Hammerman, and a Collier

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