Deguire | Madison County, MO: Deguire Mountain & Post-Office

Just noting this for documentation for those researching the Deguire or Deguire dit La Rose family line in Madison County, Missouri.


Deguire Mountain

A Mountain in the western part of Polk Township, having an evelation of our hundred and ninety two feet.

Goodspeed spells the word Deguerre, but this is a mistake, for the mountain is name for Paul Deguire (1792-1875), who came to Madison County in 1800 from France.

Paul De Guire with three other families hewed the road through the wilderness to Madison County.

Theirs was the first wheeled vehicle to come over the trail.

De Guire engaged in lead mining and also was an extensive farmer.

The family’s name was originally pronounced ____ and was spelled De Guire, but today it is Americanized to ______ and written Deguire.  (Doublass I 6690671, Deguire)



Deguire Post Office

A post office in the western part of Polk Township, maintained 1891-1897 and named for Michael Deguire, grandson of Paul Deguire  (P.G., Deguire)


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